Spessartite Garnet

Garnet is actually the name given to a group of related silicate minerals. When calcium is part of the mineral, the collective term ugrandites is used. This includes the uvarovite, grossular and andradite garnets. Grossular garnets are best known for the bright green variety from East Africa called tsavorite. The remainder of gem garnets contain aluminum and are referred to as pyralspites. These include pyrope, almandine, which is the dark red variety most commonly seen in jewelry, and spessartite garnets. In addition to aluminum, spessartite garnet contains manganese. It is this addition of manganese that gives spessartite its fantastic orange color. As iron is substituted for part of the manganese the garnet becomes a mixture of spessartite and almandine, and more brown and red is introduced. In the international market, the brighter orange color with minimal red is preferred, but in the US people seem to prefer the more fiery orange color with some red in the mix. Since garnet does not have cleavage and is 7-7.5 in hardness, it makes a durable gemstone for all types of jewelry including rings.


Treatments: none

spessartite in 22KT spessartite ring spessartite tiebar spessartite cab ring