Diamonds are the hardest natural material and have been valued for generations as symbols of love and power. Named after the Greek word for “invincible,” diamond has been described as “a girl’s best friend." They have become a part of popular culture today. Who can forget listening to "Diamonds are Forever" while watching 007! Diamonds live at the heart of the most glamorous sector of the jewelry industry. Traditional diamonds are graded on the four C's - carat, color, clarity and cut. Whether they have a lab report or not, all diamonds are priced based on these same factors. For most diamonds, the absence of color or inclusions is desired, and the less of each, the higher the price. A few diamonds are valued for their natural colors - either because the color is very intense like vivid yellow, or because it is very rare like pink or blue. Cuts range from the traditional round brilliant to square, oval and marquise shapes and even some oddities like half moons. Within each shape, a diamond can be more or less valuable depending on how much fire the facets create. We have both traditional diamonds and also fancy styles of diamonds such as moss slices and opaque rose cuts.

diamond in rose gold diamond cluster ring diamond platinum ring moss diamonds